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As an employer, you may want to fill any position in your organization. Filling up the details including-


As an organization, you may have multiple departments where you may require manpower. No matter whether it’s accounting jobs in Varanasi, back office job or even system engineer job you are offering; you can choose IT, Finance or even non-technical industry in the same.


The most important thing an employer seek for is the skillset in a candidate. For the perfection of the job of the role you are offering, you may want few specialized skills so the person could be a perfect fit and could complete the daily tasks.


Certification along with some academics experience is also one of the most important things that is required for filling roles. You can ask whether the candidate must have a specific academic background along with experience in any specialized industry in order that you could cut down the unnecessary amount of unwanted candidate applies.

Salary offering:-

Few organizations cap their salary fixed for a role. This may include overall CTC or even in-hand salary. Few employers offer this showing this in buckets but at the same time, this is also going to be one of the cases where you don’t want to show the offered salary and on the performance and analysis of the candidate in interview. This is overall, an optional category which can attract people more frequently toward the role.

Role type:-

You must also include whether the role type include a full time roll where employer will consider the candidate as full time worker and provider all the perks of a candidate along with PF and gratuity. You can also put the requirement of a part time worker or a freelancer with verbal conditionals in interviews.


Finding candidates in local areas, become one of the advantages. If you are looking for Back office Jobs in Varanasi¸ the best option for you would be to prefer candidates from Varanasi only. It can be anywhere in India or even outside India you may want the person to be.

You need to put your mail ID in order that you could receive the CV where you want it to be delivered once the CV is submitted by the candidate at the time of filling the details. Candidate can upload the CV on the button and this would be received by you on the mail ID or a common folder you choose.

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